In our comprehensive tutorial on converting Sketch designs to WordPress, we introduced different methods that you can use. You can either manually code, use starter themes, or combine a suitable base theme with a page builder.

This article has listed down resources, tutorials, and videos to explore as a reference if you decided to explore more about the methods mentioned above. We hope that this guide will help you ease into the Sketch to WordPress conversion process.

CSS Frameworks

The top CSS frameworks that you can explore when you choose to build with HTML from scratch.

  1. Bootstrap - The top CSS framework in the market.
  2. Foundation - The second most popular CSS framework.
  3. Materialize CSS - A Google created CSS framework.
  4. Bulma - A flexbox based open-source CSS framework/
  5. Semantic UI - A CSS framework fit for sleek, flat, and subtle designs.

WordPress Starter Themes

The most popular WordPress starter themes that you can utilize if you want to go straight into development.

  1. Underscores - A WordPress starter theme.
  2. Understrap - A starter theme that combines Underscore and Bootstrap.
  3. WP Bootstrap Starter - A Bootstrap-based starter theme.
  4. Sage - A starter theme made for modern development workflows.
  5. Genesis - A very mature and powerful starter theme.
  6. JointsWP - A starter theme based on the second most popular CSS framework, Foundation.

WordPress Themes for Page Builders

Powerful theme options you can use as a good base for page builders based on a WordPress site.

  1. Astra - An extremely lightweight and powerful theme that is great for page builders.
  2. WP Page Builder Framework - Also, a lightweight and powerful theme.
  3. OceanWP - A multipurpose WordPress theme.
  4. Divi - A prevalent Elegant Theme for the Divi page builder.
  5. Beaver Builder Theme - A highly integrated theme for Beaver Builder users.
  6. GeneratePress - Another powerful and lightweight theme for page builders.

Page Builders

Now that we’ve got the WordPress themes for page builders covered let’s move onto the top 3 page builders in the market.

  1. Beaver Builder - With its clean interface and developer-friendly features, this page builder is currently being used by millions.
  2. Elementor - Another page builder that is used by millions that offer various features fit for designers.
  3. Divi Builder - This is a flexible page builder that works excellently with Divi themes. It also boasts a clean interface.

For a more in-depth journey in the Sketch to WordPress conversion process, here are our top tutorial picks you can check out:

  1. How to Convert Website Design Prototypes to WordPress? - by Ram Shengale
  2. [VIDEO] How To Convert Sketch Design To HTML - by iEatWebsites
  3. [VIDEO] From Design Tool to WordPress [Photoshop, Sketch or Other] - by Elementor
  4. Everything You Need to Know About Sketch to HTML Conversion - by CSSHOOPER
  5. 10 Amazing WordPress Sketch Plugins for Web Developers - by WP Newsify

And that was our list of handpicked themes, builders, and tutorials that will help you convert your Sketch designs to WordPress. You may also check out our review of the best Sketch to WordPress service provider in 2020 here.