Starting a website begins with an idea. This idea is then laid out through a design then realized as a well-developed website. In terms of web design, Sketch is one of the most popular tools in the market today.

Digital agencies have chosen Sketch as their goto design tool over the years because (1) it improves design process efficiency, (2) provides an easy template, and view organization, (3) makes prototyping easier to showcase, and (4) it allows the designers to be more creative.

But design is just the first step of your website coming to life. What comes next is the more challenging part: web development.

Don't be intimidated by ideas, though, because there are many methods such as Content Management Systems (CMS) out there that you can utilize to launch your idea into a fully responsive website. And when it comes to CMS, WordPress is the leading contender.

Developing your website with WordPress from your Sketch designs is easier when you have the best service provider to do it for you. That's why, in this guide, we will walk you through the best Sketch to WordPress service providers to help you narrow down your options.

Best Sketch to WordPress Services

1. Fantastech Solutions

Over their 8 years of experience, Fantastech has been trusted by more than 650 satisfied clients worldwide. They have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed rating, so you are rest assured that they are one of the best Sketch to WordPress service providers in the market.

After you send your Sketch files to the Fantastech team, they will send you a quick and free quote following their assessment of your design. If you agree to their quote, the process of converting your Sketch designs to a fully functioning, responsive and fast WordPress website will begin. Throughout the conversion process, you will receive a constant demo for feedback and approval. This ensures that you will have an exceptional WordPress theme on-time and on-budget by the end of the project.

Fantastech is based in India. So, if you are based in the US or UK and are thinking about availing of their services, there might be a few time zone issues. In this regard, take the chance to contact their team, especially when you require continuous communication during your working hours.

Still, be rest assured that this is an issue that can be easily addressed since the Fantastech team already caters to clients worldwide.


Homepage / First Page: From $397, now $297

Inner Pages: From $197, now $97 per page


Acclaim is a Polish Sketch to WordPress service provider with over 14 years of experience in the industry. Since it is based in Europe, UK based customers can expect them to be available during the same working hours. But with more than 350 projects completed for over 11 countries, the Acclaim team is also well-equipped to handle clients from different time zones.

This service provider boasts its years spent in the industry, its highly talented team, and the ultra-fast loading speeds of their finished websites. Check out their portfolio to see their PageSpeed Scores that range from 85% to 99%. 

Although the Acclaim team has many advantageous selling points, unfortunately, they offer significantly higher prices than the providers mentioned in this list.


Landing Page: Starting from $2,000 with a waiting time of 2-4 weeks

Marketing Website: Starting from $5,000 with a waiting time of 4-8 weeks

WooCommerce Shop: Starting from $10,000 with a waiting time of 5-10 weeks


This US-based agency reports a whopping 300+ WordPress projects per year. They use Advanced Custom Fields that makes it easier for you to add new content to the site more easily and intuitively. The team is also entirely flexible. For instance, if you only have desktop designs available, their in-house designers will make sure to provide you with responsive websites instead of mobile and tablet formats.

The team behind are also experts in converting Sketch designs to WP e-commerce. You can even ask them for a sample of their Sketch to WordPress Ecommerce conversion projects if you are interested.


Proposals: $45 per hour

Maintenance: $55 per hour

Updates: $55 per hour

Design: $75 per hour

They also have retainer plans,

Quarterly: $450, fit for clients who require website maintenance and updates.

Annually: $4,000, fit for freelancers and agencies that need help for 1 or more projects.

Annual plus: $7,000, fit for agencies that require help for multiple projects.

Learn more about what consists of each retainer plan here.

4. The White Label Agency

This US-based agency produces lean, responsive, and easy to use WordPress sites for their clients. They also use Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post type, so clients fully control their site's content from the admin page. Brochure, business, and e-commerce websites are just a few examples of sites that they typically build.

This agency offers two types of services: project-based or dedicated developers. Project-based is for those who are just starting collaboration or who want full control of their costs in the long-term. If you avail, you will only pay the quote that they provide after seeing your Sketch files.

Meanwhile, 'dedicated developers' is the option where White Label Agency assigns you one or more of its WordPress developers to, as the name suggests, dedicated to developing your projects as you see fit. This option allows you to focus your time on designing or marketing your products instead of worrying about the design to the development conversion process.


White Label Agency does not offer any fixed pricing plans. So be sure to contact them first or get a sample quote for your projects.


Established in 2007, XhtmlChop boasts its unparalleled conversion services. Through many successful projects and satisfied customers over the years, they now have operations in the US, UK, India, and Australia. They promise high-quality markups and cross-browser compatibility that even caters to Blackberry and Microsoft operating systems.

Unfortunately, this service provider does not offer a straightforward Sketch to WordPress conversion. Instead, they offer the services separately. So, as a customer, you will have to avail of their Sketch to HTML conversion services first, then avail of their services again to convert your HTML files to WordPress.


Sketch to HTML,

Homepage: $159

Innerpage: $99

Please refer here to get a quote within 1-2 hours for their HTML to WordPress conversion services.


WordPress is a CMS software that has attracted the market on a global scale. So, for WordPress related jobs like converting Sketch designs to WordPress, you are sure to find thousands of developers ready to help.

However, we understand that finding the right service provider may be overwhelming. That is why we created this list to help you narrow down your Sketch to WordPress service provider options. With the top five listed above, we hope that you will choose the one that works for you that will deliver excellent results.

Did we help you navigate your way around the intimidating world of web design to web development? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you have any concerns, we will be sure to answer them as best as possible.